Our Favorite Fruits

Alex Green Farms grows organic and delicious fruits and veggies. Here are a few of our favorite fruits, why they're more nutritious when organic, and a few of our favorite ways to use them in recipes.


Oranges are flavorful, delicious, and nutritious! While it's true that their outer peel will protect the fruit from the worst of the chemical residue left behind by pesticides, you should certainly consider organic oranges if you're concerned with preserving the environment and wildlife. The chemicals used in pesticides leak into surrounding soil and waterways, which in turn can poison important wildlife, large and small. An organic orange is the ethical choice to keep the environment safe and clean. Also, if you want some tasty orange zest for cooking, you'll want to make sure your peels are free of chemicals. There's nothing tastier than fresh-squeezed orange juice, but oranges are also a wonderful addition to a fruit salad and a tasty snack all on their own.


Strawberries are treated with more pesticides than most other fruits. In fact, the strawberry pesticide cholopricin has caused countless California residents to suffer from respiratory ailments, skin irritation, and headaches. While this prompted limits on the amount of chloropricin used, many don't think the measures are enough, and this clearly dangerous chemical is still used to grow commercial strawberries. With these ill effects, it's preferable to eat strawberries that weren't grown with the use of dangerous chemicals. Your organic strawberries will be safe and delicious! Use them to make a tasty jam, drop them in a cocktail, or chop them and add them to a salad for a bit of sweetness.


Grapes are a delicious fruit and used in so many recipes. However, they ripen quickly, are prone to mold, and attract a lot of insects. This means that commercial grapes are hit with an unusually high number of rounds of pesticides. Grapes are found in so many common products and beverages, from wine to fruit juice cocktails, which is why you should be very aware of your grapes and buy organic whenever possible. Grapes make a delicious addition to chicken and seafood salads, they're a wonderful snack, and you can even include them in baked goods.


Apples are a popular American staple, but they're one of the most important fruits to buy organically. They're laden with more pesticide residue than any other fruit or vegetable. Many of the pesticides used on apple trees have potentially dangerous effects; one type of pesticide may even be linked to Parkinson's disease. This is why Alex Green Farms considers apples to be a really important fruit to produce organically. Our prices on apples are fair because we want to encourage people to buy fruit that's safe for themselves and for their environment. Use delicious organic apples in pies, jams, drinks, salads, and more.