Mouthwatering Organic Produce From Alex Green Farms

Alex Green Farms is dedicated to growing and selling rich, delicious, and totally organic produce. We sell a wide range of fruits and vegetables on our completely organic farm. We're passionate about sustainable farming methods that won't harm the environment around us as we produce foods that are safe and nourishing for human health.

Our farm includes greenhouses and fields that we tend carefully to keep our produce healthy without the use of pesticides and chemicals. Our farm is 300 acres of scenic fields nestled among woods and streams. We love our land, which is why we're dedicated to keeping it healthy.

The farm was founded by Greg and Jan Baker in 1987, and it's been growing and expanding ever since from a small family-run enterprise to a small and dedicated staff of team members that help us grow, nurture, and harvest our delicious produce.

Keep up with us on social media and on this site to see what we're up to. You'll find out about where we're selling, see what produce is in season, and get some of our favorite recipe tips! Feel free to let us know what you think of our produce. Your feedback allows us to deliver a better product (and sometimes tempts us to try growing new ones, too). We also love to get involved with the community, so keep an eye out for us at events and markets!