Fresh Veggies From Alex Green Farms

The farmers at Alex Green Farms love our veggies! We grow an all-organic selection with pride and care. When you shop with us, you know you're getting delicious produce that's ethically grown in a way that's healthy for you and safe for our planet. We're sure you'll love whatever vegetables you choose from Alex Green Farms, but here are a few of our favorite options:


Did you know that onions are a super-powerful food? Red onions have been proven to kill cancer cells, and organic versions showed even more antioxidant properties. Iron, potassium, and B6 are just a few of the nutrients found in onions. When you buy organic, those nutrients tend to be even more potent. In cooking, onions are a true essential. They pack a flavorful punch and are used in soups, stir-frys, casseroles, baked dishes, and more. Whether diced and sauteed or fried up in long strips, onions are delicious and can improve any recipe. They're such a common ingredient that you should definitely put them at the top of your organic grocery list!


Bell peppers are one of the most important varieties of vegetables to grow organically because they contain some of the highest levels of pesticides. Most of them test positive for more than 47 different types of chemicals. Unless you love the idea of eating a chemical cocktail, you'll want to buy your peppers organic. Bell peppers are beautiful and rich in color and flavor. They're used in a lot of cuisines, from Mexican to Mediterranean. Fry them up and add them to a sandwich, put them in a quesadilla, or eat them fresh and crunchy in a salad or as a snack with some dip.


The potato has been a staple food for centuries. They're laden with starch, they're filling, and they're totally delicious. Potatoes are known for being vulnerable to blight and bugs, though, which is why conventionally grown potatoes are laden with chemicals and pesticides. Like peppers, potatoes rank as one of the products highest in pesticides, with many of them containing 47 or more chemical contaminants. You may think peeling them will rid them of pesticides, but the contamination often runs deeper. When you buy from Alex Green Farms, you can be sure that our produce is grown with care and without the use of chemical pesticides. Pick tasty organic potatoes and fry them up as a hash, boil them in a stew, or make some delicious potato salad for your next picnic!


Artichokes used to be sprayed very heavily with pesticides. In recent years, commercial growers have reduced the number of pesticides used on artichokes, but they're still not devoid of chemicals. Buy organic to enjoy these delicious veggies with as many nutritional benefits as possible. They're a great source of potassium, vitamins K and C, and folic acid. Artichokes are delicious when roasted, but they can also be boiled or steamed. Many delicious sauces and dips include these rich and earthy-tasting veggies. Spinach and artichoke dips are among our favorites!